5 Best Plants For Improving Indoor Air Quality

Using Plants to Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Green leaves of alow plant close up

The scientist at NASA discovered in the 1980s that there are several houseplants that can help to purify indoor air.  They began studying houseplants as a way to provide clean pure air to astronauts on the space stations.

House plants provide health benefits to our homes and work place by filtering out compounds in the air that could be dangerous to humans making it much healthier to breathe.  Indoor air compounds can build up, clog ducts and be a strain on HVAC systems. 

Here are a list of 5 of the top houseplants to improve your indoor air quality. These plants are inexpensive and widely available in South Florida.  The plants will filter out harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene and provide you with oxygen at the same time.

Aloe Vera

aloe-vera plant

Aloe Vera is popular because of its healing properties like helping to heal sun burns and cuts. Aloe Vera however, is also a great plant to improve your indoor air quality. It is easy to grow and hard to kill for those who don’t have a green thumb. It helps to keep your home free from benzene which is a common agent in household chemical cleaners and paint.

Peace Lily

peace lily

The Peace Lily reduces level of mold circulating through indoor air.  The Peace Lilly absorbs mold through it’s big leaves and then processes it as food. It is an ideal bathroom plant where it

The Peace Lilly is a beautiful plant and can improve your indoor air quality by as much as 60%.

English Ivy


The English Ivy plant can reduce the amount of airborne fecal matter. It can also absorb formaldehyde, commonly found in some household cleaning products, furniture or carpeting treatments. Studies show that keeping an English Ivy plant on your desk will help to give you better focus because it can also absorb trace amounts of benzene which is a chemical commonly found in office equipment.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant improve indoor air quality

This amazing plant can remove up to 90% of the toxins in your indoor air in just two days.  The leaves grow quickly and help to absorb harmful substances like mold and other allergens so it is the perfect plant if you have common dust allergies. It also helps to absorb small traces of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.  The spider plant is a very popular house plant because it is easy to grow and maintain.

Boston Fern


Ferns are readily available in South Florida and the Boston Fern offers both beauty and health benefits. These plants act as humidifiers and can help to restore moisture in the air so they are perfect for those who suffer from dry skin and other cold weather problems. They can also help to eliminate traces of formaldehyde. Remember to keep them in direct sunlight and mist the leaves with water regularly.

House plants can also help to keep pests away like mosquitoes.

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