Beware of these 5 little words “You need a new unit”

So the thermostat in your house or office is displaying 99 degrees in the middle of the hot hot South Florida summer. You call an air conditioning company and explain that you’re “burning up” and you need someone to come out right now and get it fixed or give you a new unit. Next thing you know you’re signing the bill for a brand new unit. Sounds familiar?
Well, do you know that there are several options for curing your broken A/C blues? You may have been jacked by those 5 little words “you need a new unit” without exploring your options such as repair or partial replacement.

Beware of HVAC contractors who are eager to sell you a new unit without even thoroughly investigating the issue with your current unit and the possibility for repair. If you’ve explored your options and you indeed need a new unit, here are a few points to consider when deciding on your new air conditioner:

Size Matters

When installing an air conditioner, you need to make sure that it is sized just right. Here’s why:

  • If it’s too large, its cooling cycles will be too short. Humidity won’t be removed from your home, and the cool air may not reach all of your rooms.
  • If it’s too small, it will need to run constantly to cool your home on warm days, and your energy bills will skyrocket. On the hottest days, it may not even be able to keep up, and your inside temperature will climb.
  • If it’s just right, it will provide you with efficient cooling and have the cooling capacity to provide you with an even temperature throughout your home during even the worst summer heat waves.

Always have a HVAC expert visit your home or office to help you figure out what size Air Conditioning system is best for you before you make a final decision. A reputable HVAC technician will size your system using industry standards to arrive at the proper load calculation.

Make Sure all Your “Ducts are in a Row”

A new AC installation isn’t always as simple as just swapping out the old units for the new ones. You also need to make sure the rest of your home is well-equipped to handle your new AC. This is especially important in the duct system. If your new AC has a different cooling capacity than your old one or you’ve always had poor airflow, you may need different sized ducts. In addition, old ducts may need to be replaced anyway because they’ve become very dirty or are leaking heavily.

Efficiency Rating – Pay Now, Save Later

One of the biggest reasons to replace an old air conditioner is to take advantage of efficiency improvements, so you don’t miss out on the chance to cut your energy bill. While options like choosing an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating, installing an advanced thermostat, or choosing a variable speed system may cost a little more, they may be a wise investment. Compare the one-time installation cost with 10 years or longer of energy savings.

Consider Your Indoor Air Quality

When you replace you’re A/C, it’s also a good idea to consider your home’s indoor air quality. It may be a good time to add a ventilation system that will help draw fresh air into your home and pump out polluted indoor air.

If it’s time to look into a new air conditioning installation, the pros at 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration are here to help make the decision a lot easier for you. Call us today at 954.613.5155 to hear about our current service and installation promotion.

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