What many people do not know about their air conditioning and heating units is that proper AC repair and maintenance will make their home more energy efficient and also save money over time. Some people put off common repairs because honestly, they can seem expensive. But when you factor in how much you pay in emergency repairs and for electricity to a unit that needs repairs, you will see that it just makes so much more sense to put the money into the repairs right away.

Here are some reasons why AC repair makes your home more energy efficient:

  • Your unit will work at peak capacity, how it was built to operate
  • You will prevent over-running that eats up electricity just to keep the temperate you seek
  • You save wasted energy going out broken ducts or other problems

When you have a professional help you maintain and repair your AC unit, you will save money in the long run. However, sometimes an older unit cannot be repaired and your best option is to buy a new one. This is also something that a professional can help you with. They can help you find the best AC unit for your home so that you save as much energy as possible and they can even help you install it.

Here are some things you can do yourself at home to help make your AC unit more energy efficient:

Make sure your AC unit is the right size: First, make sure your AC unit is the right size for what you will be using it for. Many HVAC contractors reporting going to service calls and finding units that are too small for the space they are heating and cooling. This will make it eat up a lot more energy to try to keep your unit at the temperature that you seek.

Buy a new, high-efficiency unit: If you have an old or out of date AC unit, it is more than worth the expense to buy a new, high-efficiency unit and have a professional install it for you. While you will have to pay some expenses at the beginning, it will pay for itself in the money that you save.

Use a programmable thermostat: If you don’t have one, they are affordable to buy and have installed with your existing unit. This will allow you to program your AC and heating unit to stay at certain temperatures throughout the day, even if you are not at home.

Weather-proof your home: You can add weather stripping to doors and windows, check the insulation in your attic and take other steps to weather-proof your home so that air- warm and cold- stays right where you want it to stay.

When you take the time to be more energy efficient with your HVAC unit and to get the necessary repairs when they become available, your AC and heat will continue to work for a long time for you.

Do you have any questions about AC repairs and energy efficiency?

One thing that people do not know about keeping their HVAC units running smoothly is that sometimes duct cleaning is important to safety and to efficiency of the unit. There are some cases that are considered emergency where duct cleaning is essential. In other cases, the EPA recommends regular cleaning as needed. When and how often this is needed depends on different factors such as where you live and how often you use your unit. An experience HVAC contractor will be able to help you find out if your ducts need cleaning in case you are not aware.

Here are some cases that are considered emergent and necessary for duct cleaning:

  • There is visible mold growth inside the hard surfaces of the ducts or on other parts of the unit
  • There are rodents, insects or other vermin infested in the ducts
  • The ducts are clogged with an excessive amount of dust or debris

Duct cleaning usually refers to the process of cleaning the various heating and cooling components of a forced air system (including the ducts that run throughout the home), and the grilles and diffusers, cooling coils and any heat exchanges. They will also clean any drip pans, fans and housing units and other components of the HVAC system.

This process helps your unit run more efficiently so that you save money and energy on your monthly bill. This is why many people choose to opt for this cleaning even if it is not considered an emergency situation. The money they pay to have it done will usually be less than what they save in only 1 year of having the unit run more efficiently. So as you can see, it pays to invest in your heating and cooling equipment and always keep it running up to par.

Duct cleaning is also sometimes a safety issue because if there are rodents or vermin living in the system or an excessive amount of dust and debris, it can also be a fire hazard. If you suspect there may be a problem in your ducting system (or if you hear things moving around in there), it’s a good idea to call a professional to check it out. You’re really better safe than sorry in these cases.

Now that you know the importance of duct cleaning, all you have to do is choose a professional in your area to help you with HVAC service to your HVAC systems when necessary. A qualified service provider will also be there to help you  determine how serious your issue is and how to correct it.

When it comes to choosing a quality AC repair service, you may already know that there are many options. But choosing the right option for you is very important. Most people believe that their heating and cooling systems are one of the most important appliances in their home. This is why when one breaks down, it’s important that they get repaired as quickly as possible. Yet because so many companies seem to offer these services, finding the right one is not as easy as it might seem.

When you want to find the perfect service provider for your hvac repair and related needs, consider these tips and advice.

Look for referrals- First, see what others have to say about the company you are considering. This is important because when others have had a good experience, this is a solid testimony of the company and what they can do. You can look on Yelp and other local directories to read reviews of the company and find out if they are recommended. This will help you to make your own choice. Another great place to look for referrals is on their website.

Check out their website- Nearly every company has a professional website these days. So take some time to check out their website, the referrals and other information on the website to help you make your decision. Do they have a good looking website with quality information on it? Do they keep a blog and post to it fairly regularly? If their website is a good source of information, is professionally designed and easy to navigate, then there’s a good chance you are going to like the experience you have with this company.

Compare rates to value- We all know that price is very important and will be one of the things you look at when choosing a contractor. However, when comparison shopping, you need to look for more than just the price. Be sure to look at what you are getting for the price. The value of service is very important. In some cases, you might be paying a little more but the value far outweighs the costs. All too often, when you go with the cheapest provider in the area, you get what you pay for. So shop around but compare rates to value.

Check their licensing- You should be wary of any non-licensed HVAC contractors. Some people may try to tell you they can fix your problem but that doesn’t mean they are fully trained and authorized to do so. If you let them into your home, they may do more harm than good and you’ll have to pay even more money in the end to get your HVAC system up and running how you want it.

Most AC repair expenses can be avoided if you properly service the unit on a regular basis. So be sure to always change your filters and do other basic maintenance to your AC and heating unit. When you notice a problem, no matter how minor, call a professional for help right away. The longer the problem exists, the higher the chances you are going to have more problems come from it, which means more expense.

Do you have any tips to add for choosing a quality AC repair service company?

Cleaning your air ducts is important for any home and business owner. When it comes to cutting costs and making your space comfortable, remembering to clean your air ducts and air filters can make a big difference when it comes to energy savings. Cleaning also helps your air systems to perform at peak levels.

Keeping your system serviced regularly can help to keep your air ducts clean. Also, remembering to change the air filters on a regular basis helps to preserve the life of your air system and keeps clean air circulating in your space. Contaminants in a heating and cooling system causes an air conditioner to become dirty. The life expectancy of the system is reduced by half, which causes you to lose money in repairs or replacing the system.

Choosing a Company to Help

Finding the best company to service your air ducts and system regularly can also help with the life of your system. When you find a reputable company to service your system continue to use them when you need to change filters or clean out the system. Every company is different and handles systems differently. Make sure you use someone who is an expert on your system and knows the needs of the system.

If you suffer from allergies cleaning the filters regularly helps employees or family members who are allergic to dust and other items that can be caught in an air filter. Cleaning regularly cuts down on sick employees or family members, which in turn increases productivity. No one wants to work in a workspace that makes him or her sick.

Your AC System Could be Costing You Money

A struggling air system can cost home and business owners double what they would normally pay monthly on their electric bill. The more the air system struggles, the more power the system will have to use. Cleaning regularly can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

The average home can significantly reduce their energy cost with a clean air system. A clogged air system prevents clean, cool air from getting into each room of the house. Especially in a home with spaced out rooms air can have a hard time finding its way to rooms that are furthest away from where you air conditioner is.

Keeping it Clean Pays Off

When the owner keeps their system clean it does not have to work as hard and is able to maintain the temperature you are most comfortable with. As a result, less energy is used, which saves the owner money and increases the efficiency and use of the system.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air ducts and system can help to increase the life and production of your system, and helps to keep money in your pocket.

When you need emergency air conditioning service, who will you call? Occasionally, your air conditioning unit will go out when you least expect it and that is when 40DegreesAir can be of great service because we offer 24 hour air conditioning repair in Miami. These units often break down at the worst possible time, which is usually at night or on weekends when many companies that offer repair services are closed.

When you’re faced with this problem, will you be scrambling through the phone book or surfing the web to find a company in your area that offers emergency repair service? If you choose your air conditioning repair company in advance, you won’t have to. Here are a few more good reasons why you should choose your company in advance.

It Makes the Situation Less Stressful

When you live in a hot and humid area like Miami, you know how important it is to keep your air conditioning unit working properly. When the unit breaks, the stress begins to set in and the situation becomes more stressful the longer it goes.

However, you can make this uncomfortable situation less stressful when you already have a number to call. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call the professionals at 40DegreesAir and a technician will be sent to your location in a reasonable and timely manner.

You’ll Receive Professional Service

Another reason to choose your air conditioning service company in advance is to ensure good service. When you have an emergency, you don’t have time to check out the company or look at references. Therefore, you’ll probably just end up calling the first company that offers emergency service that can come to your aid. This means that you don’t really know what kind of service you’ll get.

This could end up costing you more money than necessary in the end and it could delay getting your unit fixed. If the technicians are not familiar with your unit, they may not be able to get it repaired or it’s even possible they can do more damage to it. This could result in you having to call in someone else to fix what they break, in addition to what was already wrong.

It’s a big risk that you don’t have to take when you already know who to call. You can rest easy knowing that the technicians at 40DegreesAir will always provide you with professional service everytime they come out to your business.

It Can Reduce the Risks of Having an Emergency

When you have an air conditioning repair company that you use regularly, it can help reduce the risk of you having an emergency. We can perform routine maintenance checks to look for worn parts and to look for anything that could result in your unit breaking down. Replacing worn parts and making small repairs will greatly reduce the risk of your unit breaking down unexpectedly and it will save you money, too.

You Can Take Advantage of Other Great Services

In addition to offering 24-hour air conditioning service in Miami, we also offer duct-cleaning services, HVAC ductwork, refrigeration repair and a variety of other services such as professional installation for when you need to upgrade to a more efficient unit.

Choosing your air conditioning repair company in advance has many advantages that will benefit your company but knowing that you have a dependable company to call during an emergency will take a lot of stress out of running your business. Isn’t it time for you to make 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration the company you depend on for your air conditioning service repair in Miami?

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities including maintaining your air conditioning and refrigeration units to keep them working properly and 40DegreesAir is here to help. We can take care of all your HVAC system needs and keep these units running at full capacity, which will help to keep your business running smoothly.

When your air conditioning unit is broken or just not functioning at full capacity, your customers will be uncomfortable and this has a negative effect on your business. It could even drive your customers to your competitors because being comfortable in an establishment is very important to consumers. The hot and humid summers in Miami could even pose a health risk for your customers, if your air conditioning unit breaks down.

While a broken or poorly functioning air conditioning unit is uncomfortable for your customers, a broken refrigeration unit could cause serious problems for your business.

A Broken Refrigeration Unit Can Cost You Big

If your refrigeration unit breaks down, you’ve got serious problems. Your first concern is the safety of your customers, so you have to make sure the food stays at the recommended temperature or you run the risk of it spoiling. Once the temperature in your refrigeration unit gets too warm, it’ll force you to dispose of all the food and that can run into a lot of money, especially if it breaks down right after a delivery. You’ll have to call someone out fast to fix your unit before the temperature reaches dangerous levels.

We offer fast emergency service at 40DegreesAir and our trained professionals will respond to your call as quickly as possible. However, you can avoid or at least greatly reduce your risks of having to deal with this costly problem, simply by allowing our technicians to service the refrigeration units in your facility regularly.

Costly Repairs

AC Repair ServiceAnother reason why you need to service your HVAC system regularly is because it’s much easier and less costly to keep your air conditioning and refrigeration units maintained than it is to have them fixed once they are broken. Servicing these units on a regular basis will help to keep them in good working condition. Servicing your units will help reduce costly repair bills, eliminate the risk of food spoiling due to warm temperatures and it will help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your establishment for your customers.

Call Us for All Your Needs

The 40DegreesAir technicians are available for all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs. We believe in providing the best service possible for our clients and we can help you keep your HVAC systems running smoothly, so you can concentrate on other important business matters.

If you have an emergency during the day or night, give us a call. We’ll send a technician to your location to help take care of the problem and get your units functioning again in a timely manner. We’ll also provide you with an estimate before making the repairs, so you’ll know in advance what to expect. If we run into something unexpected while making the repairs that could increase the cost, we’ll notify you immediately.

We guarantee our work so after making the repairs, call us immediately if you continue to experience any problems and a technician will return to your establishment to check it out. When you’re ready to upgrade, we also install new HVAC systems and we would be happy to take care of any installations for your business.

Keeping your HVAC systems serviced regularly will save you money in end, so give 40DegreesAir a call to make an appointment today to have our experts service your air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Now is the time to choose a heating and air conditioning service company to handle all of your HVAC needs. Don’t wait until you have a problem and then start looking for a company to help get your systems back up and running again. Instead, choose a company in advance and it can save you many headaches later.

For example, you’ll know exactly who to call if your system breaks down unexpectedly. In addition, the company can provide you with regular maintenance checks that will help to keep your system running smoothly, which will reduce the risk of it breaking down.

Choosing a company in advance has many advantages but it’s not always easy to decide who to choose with so many companies offering this type of service. To make this task easier, here are a few tips to help you choose the best heating and air conditioning service company in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

Reputation and Certifications

Two of the first things that you should look at when choosing a company to service your heating and air conditioning unit is reputation and certifications. Do some research to find out how long the company has been in business and search for reviews to find out what other customers have to say about the company in question. Next, make sure the company has the licenses and certifications required by the state. All of the technicians at 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration are certified and we have a great reputation.

Customer Service and Friendliness

Customer service and friendliness is just as important as reputation. You need a company that will treat you respectfully and that values your business. They should be polite, friendly and willing to answer any questions that you may have before, during and after providing services. You can expect this type of treatment when you choose 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration for your HVAC repair needs.

Experienced Technicians

Before you trust someone to provide you with heating and air conditioning services, make sure the company that you choose has experienced technicians. These units can be very delicate and it can be difficult to discover the cause of the problem if the technician doesn’t have experience or they may overlook something that should be repaired to prevent problems from occurring later. You want a technician that has experience working with the different types of units and that has the ability to troubleshoot problems.

Get an Estimate

A good heating and air conditioning service company will provide you with an estimate of what the repair or service call will cost before performing the work. If they do run into something unexpected, they will make you aware of the problem and the difference it will make in the price before continuing with the repairs. No one likes surprises when it comes to service repairs.

Keeping your HVAC system running smoothly is very important for the comfort of your customers and staff, so it’s a good idea to choose a company in advance. This way, you have time to go over your options before making a decision who to choose.

Finding a company that can provide heating and cooling services is not difficult but finding the right company with certified, experienced technicians that provides professional service can take some time. Before you choose a company, check out 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration. We have a reputation of being dependable and trustworthy and you can count on us for all of your HVAC maintenance and repair needs.

Do you know when to change the filters in your heating and cooling unit? Changing your filters will make a huge difference in the way your system runs but it’s something that many people don’t think about until they have a problem. Changing your filters regularly has many advantages such as improving the air quality in your home or office. Filters help to remove the dust from the air and when they get dirty and clogged, they don’t work properly.

You can avoid many heating and cooling repair jobs by simply changing the filters, so it helps to extend the life of your heating and cooling unit. Clean filters allow the air to flow freely so the unit doesn’t have to overwork to do its job. It also keeps the unit from running hot, which can do a lot of damage to the system. Now you know why you need to keep your filters changed but do you know when you should replace them? Here are a few tips to help you know when to change the filters in your heating and cooling unit.

The General Rule

Generally, you should change the filters in your heat and air conditioning unit every 30 to 45 days. While this may seem a little excessive, it goes a long way in maintaining your unit and keeping it functioning properly. Even if your filters look clean, you should still put in new ones because they are not functioning at full capacity. Just because you don’t see the dust and debris doesn’t mean that it’s not there. The filter can look clean but it can still be partially blocked.

Your Unit is not Functioning Normally

If you notice that your HVAC unit is not functioning as well as normal and it has been awhile since the filters were changed, the first thing you should do is to change your filters. When the filters are old, it reduces the airflow and makes your unit work harder, run hotter and use more energy. As a result, it can cause the unit to not cool or heat as well as it should. Therefore, before you call for air conditioning repair, change your filters to see if it improves.

Physically Check the Filters

One of the simplest ways to determine when to change your filters is by physically checking them. If you can see the dust buildup on the filters, then they need changed. In fact, it’s important to know that if you can physically see the dust build up on your filters, especially if it is very thick, then you have already waited too long because the airflow is completely blocked off, so change them immediately.

Changing your filters can reduce the cost of AC repair in Miami Florida by extending the life of your unit and allowing it to function properly. 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration is available for all of your HVAC needs, including general maintenance service that includes changing filters on a regular schedule. Give us a call today

Do you need AC repair in Ft. Lauderdale or is it time to install a new unit? It can get very hot and humid in this area, so you don’t want to take any chances of losing your air conditioning. Unfortunately, the hotter it gets outside, the harder your unit has to work to keep you cool. This is usually when you have the most problems.

If your unit breaks down, you’ll need to call in an AC repair service to take care of the problem.

Learn the signs that indicate you need AC repair or that you need to have a new unit installed. This saves you a lot of headaches and money later by taking care of any problems in advance.

Signs You Need AC Repair in Ft Lauderdale

One of the main signs that you need ac repair is when your unit is not cooling as well as it once did. It may take longer to cool the structure or it may run constantly to maintain a certain temperature. If your unit is not working as efficiently as it used to, your filters may need changed or you may need duct cleaning services. Many things could cause this problem. A certified technician can make repairs and get your system running like new again.

Has your air conditioning unit began making strange noises? That’s a big clue that you need to have it looked at. When you call a repair service, tell the technician what type of noise the unit is making.  He can help to determine the problem.

Other signs to look for include a higher than normal electric bill and leaking fluids. Many of these problems can be fixed and you can avoid having your unit break down unexpectedly by making the repairs before you have major problems.

When to Consider a New Unit

While many times your unit can be repaired and last for several more years, there are times when you would be better off just replacing your unit. For example, anytime the repairs are going to cost more than or even close to the cost of a new AC unit. You may want to consider replacing it instead of making repairs.

If your air conditioning system is more than ten years old and you begin having problems, it’s a good idea to replace it. This is partly because the newer units are more energy efficient and they cool better than the older units. Having a new unit installed can actually save you money. If your electric bill skyrockets every time you turn on your system, it’s definitely time to consider a new unit.

If it seems like you are always calling the AC repair company, then consider replacing your unit. The money that you spend on repairs could help pay for a new system and once it’s installed you won’t have to worry about needing repairs any time soon.

If you notice any of the signs indicating that you need AC repair or if you believe it’s time to install a new unit, give us a call. The technicians at 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration offer 24 hour AC repair. We can provide you with a free estimate for repairing or replacing your unit.

Heating and cooling your home or business is a big expense due to the amount of energy these HVAC units use, but there are ways to cut back on your energy usage without sacrificing comfort. When you live in Miami, you depend on your HVAC system to keep your facility cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so most people deal with the high energy cost to run these systems in order to maintain a comfortable environment.

What many people may not realize is that if your unit is not functioning correctly, it will use more energy than it should. Not only is this wasting energy but you’re wasting money, too. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to cut operating costs.

Here are three ways to reduce your heating and cooling energy usage:

Inspect your AC Unit

Inspecting your AC unit to determine if you have the right one for your home or office is the first step in cutting back on the amount of energy your heating and cooling system uses. Here are some things to look for. How old is it? Does the size of the unit match the square footage of the home or business it’s trying to cool or heat? If you have an old unit or one that is too large or too small for your home or business, you’re wasting energy.

Over the last few years there have been many improvements made to these units making them more efficient and reducing the amount of energy they use. Therefore, if you have an old AC unit, you could save money by replacing it with a new more efficient model.

Maintain Your HVAC System

When was the last time you had your HVAC unit serviced? Take advantage of and have qualified technicians do a systems check on your HVAC unit to make sure it’s functioning efficiently. Maintaining your AC system will extend the life of the unit and reduce your energy usage.

If your air conditioning unit has worn parts or if it simply is not functioning at full capacity for any reason, the technician may be able to make repairs before it breaks down. Once the repairs are made and your system is function at full capacity again, your energy usage should drop.

Clean Your Duct System

When dirt and debris collects in your duct system, the unit will have to work harder to produce results. This not only puts a huge strain on your system making it wear out faster but it makes the unit use more energy, too. When scheduling your regular maintenance service checks, include air conditioning duct cleaning every three to four years, too or anytime you think you might have a problem.

When your duct system is clean, the HVAC unit can function much better reducing energy cost and saving you money. Reducing your heating and cooling energy usage is important not only to keep the cost to operate it down but also to do your part in helping to support green living.

40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration has fully trained technicians that will come out to perform routine maintenance checks, make repairs and provide you with duct cleaning services that will help to keep your home or office heating and cooling energy usage down.

Miami is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to live but it can be very hot and humid in the summer.  Keep your air conditioning unit working as efficiently as possible is vital. There are several ways that you can do that. Some are very common tips that you may have already heard before such as cleaning your filters, turning your thermostat up a few degrees and making sure your home or facility is insulated properly.

These are all great tips that can help considerably but here are a few uncommon tips for keeping your air conditioning unit working efficiently that you may not be aware of.

Tip #1: Use the AC Unit Fan Button

All air conditioning units have an auto and a fan button. Many people instinctively turn the unit to auto thinking that this will save energy and money because it cuts on and off automatically but that is not always the case. Instead of running your system on auto, use the fan button. The HVAC unit will still automatically kick in when the thermostat reaches the set temperature and it will blow cool air as normal.

However, when the condenser cuts off, the air will continue to blow and this will keep the air in your home or office circulating constantly. Doing this will help keep your facility cooler, save on energy usage and save you money because the condenser won’t kick in and run as often as it will if you use the auto button.

Tip #2: Keep Your Unit Running Cool

There are two main reasons for your air conditioning unit to run hot. If the unit is low on refrigerant or Freon, the copper pipe that connects the inside to the outside part of the unit will get hot. In this case, you’ll need to call in a HVAC repair company  to check the Freon in your unit. The technician will check your system to determine where it’s leaking since that is the only way it can be low on Freon. He will then repair the leak and replace the refrigerant to correct the problem.

The second thing that will make your unit run hot is when dirt builds up on the condenser coils. This is something that you can prevent simply by washing the outside of the unit and cleaning the condenser coils at least once a year with a water hose.

Tip #3: Leave Your System On

You may think that turning your system off when you leave and back on again when you return will save you money and wear and tear on your unit. The opposite is actually true. When you do this, every part of your home or office will heat up quickly, including inside the walls. Your HVAC system will have to work twice as hard and run much longer to cool everything back down again. This uses more energy than leaving the unit on and maintaining a constant temperature. It will put unnecessary stress on your unit that will wear it out faster.

In addition, you never want to turn your unit off and back on again within a five-minute time frame because this can damage the compressor. You can reduce your need for air conditioning repair in Miami Florida when you use these tips to keep your HVAC system working efficiently.

The professional technicians at 40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration are available to help you keep your air conditioning unit working efficiently. We offer regular maintenance checks, general repairs and we install new units for commercial or residential customers. We are also available for emergency repair when something unexpected does happen.

Many companies in Fort Lauderdale provide HVAC services but they don’t all provide the same quality of service. Therefore, it can be difficult choosing the best company to take care of all your heat and air conditioning needs. One thing that most business and homeowners look at is price. While it is important to choose a company that offers a fair price for their services, other factors are just as important.

When you know what to expect from your HVAC Company in Fort Lauderdale, you can make a good, informed decision that will help you choose the best company for all your needs.

Services Provided

Most all HVAC companies offer installation and AC repairs. In fact, many people may not even look for a company unless they need one of these services but that’s not all a great company has to offer. Here are some of the other services that you should expect your HVAC Company to offer.

When choosing a HVAC company in Fort Lauderdale, look for one that offers regular maintenance for your unit. When you schedule regular maintenance checks, you can catch potential problems before they become big issues that could cause your system to break down.

Another thing you’ll want to look for is HVAC vent cleaning and duct cleaning services. This is something that is often overlooked but it will make a huge difference in the way your heat and air conditioning unit performs.

The last service you’ll want to look for is 24-hour AC repair services. Sometimes, systems break down no matter how well you keep them maintained and you have no control over when this happens. For this reason, it’s important to find a company that offers repair services 24/7.

While providing a variety of services is very important, it’s not the only thing that you should expect from the HVAC Company in Fort Lauderdale you choose. Here are a few more things that a good company will provide.

Great Customer Service

When you call the office and talk to the representative at a heat and air conditioning company, you expect friendly service. You are in need of their services and they should respect you as a client. The last thing you need or should have to deal with is someone being rude or rushing you when you’re trying to explain what type of service you need. However, the customer service shouldn’t stop there.

You should expect the HVAC contractors that come to your home or business to present themselves in a friendly and professional manner at all times. While they have a job to do and they won’t have time to stand around and talk, they should take time to answer questions concerning your unit and they should always be respectful.

Promptness is also very important especially when you have an appointment. You should expect the company you choose to be on time and keep you informed of any changes that take place in your scheduled visit. They should also provide you with an accurate arrival time when you’re dealing with an emergency.

HVAC companies provide a very important service that homeowners and businesses need to keep their facilities comfortable but you don’t have to deal with poor customer service or choose different companies to receive all the services you need. 40DegreesAir.com can take care of all your HVAC needs and the professional technicians always provide friendly, quality services.