How Efficient Is Your Duct System?

Your duct system is a major part of your HVAC unit but since it runs under the floors or through the attic where it’s out of sight, it’s something that often is forgotten about after installation. The duct system transfers the cool or warm air evenly throughout the building. If this system is damaged, it interferes with this flow of air reducing the comfort level in your home or office.

While a professionally installed duct system can last for many years without major problems, it’s still something that needs to be checked occasionally to make sure it’s in good condition. Over time, damage can occur to the material used in the design of the duct system that affects the way your unit performs.

Common Problems with Ductwork

If your duct system has been installed for several years or if you’ve recently moved into a different home or office, have a professional technician service your system. The technician will inspect the ductwork to look for some of the common problems often found with these systems. These include holes, cracks and splits that allow the condensed air to escape while letting in the outside air, affecting the way your system performs.

Another problem occurs when dirt and other types of debris builds up inside the ducts. This creates a barrier that interferes and blocks the airflow. All of these problems have a negative affect the temperature of the environment negatively. The severity of the damage found during servicing usually depends on what types of ductwork materials were used in making the ducts, how long it’s been in place and whether or not it was professionally installed.

How It Affects You

The duct system affects the way your HVAC system heats or cools. If it’s in good condition, your unit will run more efficiently maintaining a comfortable environment. If there are leaks or blockage in the ducts, the whole system has to work harder to try to compensate for the problem. This wastes energy and it costs you more to operate your system.

Another big problem that you may encounter with old and damaged ductwork includes poor air quality. When the air quality is bad, it does have a negative effect on your health, especially if you suffer from any type of respiratory problem. Poor air quality can consist of dusts particles, mold and other harmful pollutants that are linked to causing serious respiratory conditions such as asthma and it has even been linked to lung cancer.

Servicing your duct system is a vital part of maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many people may not realize the problems that an old or worn duct system can cause for the environment and their health but it can have a big impact on both. If it’s been awhile or if you’ve recently moved into a new office or home, then schedule someone to come out and service your duct system. It could save you money in the end by reducing energy waste and by helping to reduce poor air quality.

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