Save Energy and Money On Hotel HVAC Systems

When you own a hotel chain, the overhead expense can be extremely high but there are some things you can do to save energy and money on hotel HVAC systems. Keeping the rooms cool and comfortable during the summer or warm in the winter is a big job. Each room has its own unit and the guest control the temperature during their stay.

For this reason, you can’t set the thermostat at a certain temperature and leave it for maximum efficiency but there are still many things you can do that will make a difference. Here are a few good tips on how to save energy and money on hotel HVAC systems.

Train Your Staff

You can’t be everywhere at once so it’s vital that you train your staff on energy management. Teach them to be observant and to take steps to reduce energy usage. For example, when housecleaning is taking care of the rooms, they should check the temperature on the air conditioning unit and set it to the ideal temperature for the season and your area.

In the spring and fall, you may even be able to turn them off completely to save even more energy. Anything the staff can do to help conserve energy, will greatly benefit your company and you can offer incentives to help encourage the staff to take notice and help your company cut costs.

Remind Your Guests to Be Energy Conscious

There are subtle ways that you can remind your guests to be energy conscious without making a bad impression. In fact, if done correctly, it will show visitors that you care about the environment and that your hotel is taking steps to conserve the earth’s natural resources.

You could start by placing a reminder on the receipt about how conserving energy is vital to the future of our planet. You can also place stickers on the heat and air conditioning units that show the ideal temperature range for maximum comfort and less energy consumption.

Update Your HVAC Systems

If you have old outdated HVAC systems, then it’s time to upgrade. While you may think that keeping the old units will save you money, you’re actually wasting money that could be purely profit. It’s true, replacing multiple units will be expensive upfront but they will more than pay for themselves in a short period of time.

New systems have energy-saving modes and they are designed to use less energy even when on regular settings. In addition, they run smoother, which uses less energy. When you consider how much energy you’ll be saving with these new units, you can see how it will greatly reduce your electric bill each month.

Stay Updated with New Technology

One last thing that you can do to save energy and money on your hotel Air Condition systems is to stay updated with new technology. You might be surprised at all the new modern options that are available today. For example, you can install software that allows your staff to set the temperature on the units to optimal levels, when there is no one occupying the rooms in an effort to reduce energy costs.

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