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AC Maintenance

ac maintenance

Unexpected Breakdown

Over time, the parts of the HVAC unit begin to get old and worn out. As your unit ages, the parts get weaker and eventually, they will start going bad causing your system to break down. If a belt breaks or if the motor locks up it, you’ll have to call an air conditioning repair company to fix your unit. Emergency repair is more expensive than preventive ac maintenance and the repairs can be costly especially if it damages other parts of the unit when one thing breaks.

Do I need a Preventative Maintenance?

Talk to any heat, 40 Degrees ac or air conditioning technician and they will tell you how important it is for you to schedule regular maintenance checks for your unit but do you know why it’s so important? It’s tempting to skip the expense of having your system serviced regularly but it’s not a good idea. When you ignore your system, many things can go wrong that can end up costing you more in repairs or you may even have to replace the system with a new one.

Poor Air Quality

Something as simple as a dirty filter or as complicated as a problem with the ventilation system can cause poor air quality, which in turn can cause allergies and other health problems. The worst part is that it may take awhile before you discover that it’s your HVAC system causing the problems. When a technician is servicing your system on a regular basis, the technician can find potential problems before they affect your air quality or at the very least, find it sooner so you can make repairs.

Other Problems

Other common air conditioner problems preventive maintenance can help you avoid include sensor problems, electric control failure, dirty coils and thermostat malfunction. When you service your unit regularly, the technician will make you aware of these issues and make the necessary repairs when needed upon your request. You can also schedule the repairs for a time that is convenient for you and you don’t have to worry about your unit breaking down at the worst possible time.

Uncomfortable Environment

Just because your heat and air conditioning system seems to be running fine, doesn’t mean that it is working efficiently. If you have to set the thermostat lower than normal to maintain a comfortable room temperature, you could have a refrigerant leak, a clogged duct system or the filters could be dirty. Regular ac maintenance checks will find problems of this nature and you can make repairs before they cause other problems.

Many homeowners and business owners put off having their heat and air conditioning system serviced in an attempt to save money but it actually has the opposite effect. Poorly maintained systems have a shorter lifespan and you run the risks of it breaking down sooner. On the other hand, performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system can extend the life of your unit and save you money.