RUUD air conditioners are known for being affordable and reliable, which are two of the most important things consumers look for when choosing a new HVAC unit for their home or business. The RUUD brand carries three different series of air conditioning units
. The Achiever Series has two single stage systems that are designed with pressure controls.

However, the UASL-JEC and the UARL-JEC units include a monitoring system that detects potential dangers such as electrical problems and they send you an alert. All RUDD air conditioners are designed with a steel cabinet to protect the unit from the elements.

40 Degrees Air & Refrigeration is an authorized RUUD dealer in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. We provide quality service you can count on and our expert technicians are available to install your new unit at your convenience. We also offer regular maintenance and 24/7 emergency repair service.